You get warmth, friendliness, and practical tools for communication.

My clients tell me that I have a warm, friendly, yet direct style that offers safety for challenging feelings and insights.  I believe that relationships and how we communicate are the two most important things in our lives.  I believe that communication is at the core of quality relationships.  What people think they do in relationships and what they really do are usually two different things.  I am totally committed to improving communication and relationships.

I help clients look at underlying patterns that may be creating problems for themselves individually and in their relationships.  My focus is on the patterns of interaction rather than the details of the last argument.  I work with individuals, couples or families to explore and identify achievable goals and then help them to be accountable for achieving those goals.

I offer practical tools for communication, intimacy, and conflict resolution.  I have trained extensively in cognitive-behavioral techniques for solution-oriented counseling.  My clients appreciate my sensible approach, caring nature, humor, and focus on helping clients to achieve maximum results as quickly as possible.

Focusing on practical solutions for change, I encourage hope and motivation, allowing change to occur.  My goal is to assist couples and families in developing a fulfilling life where each person feels appreciated, care for, and loved.

You'll get therapy with a difference.

What differentiates me from most other therapists working on Maui is that I have been trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist to work in your home as opposed to working in an office.  I find that change happens more quickly when clients are relaxed and comfortable in their own home.  I have given up my office in Wailuku and now I work exclusively at your convenience in your home, usually after work hours.  I work around the island from Kahului to Wailea, Kihei, Haiku, Paia, Makawao and Kula.

I have a BA in Sociology from the University of Hawaii.  Sociology is the study of how the individual affects others and how others affect the individual.  This is a different perspective than Psychology, which is the study of the individual.  My Sociology degree led me directly into the field of Marriage and Family Therapy.  I earned my master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy inn 2002 and was licensed in the state of Hawaii in 2004.  I have been practicing on Maui since then.  I love my work!

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​​​Trev McGrath, MFT

Hawaii Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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